Metro Tickets Project/ Underground Art

Metro Project/ Underground Art (provisional titles)

Author: Daniel Balanescu
Potential Parteners: Metrorex,
The aim is scan a picture of today’s society using as a sample the thoughts and feelings of people who travel by metro.
The idea is to involve the passengers in a game with used metro cards by asking them to draw or write something on them, anything that crosses their mind.
I believe that this will turn a boring waiting for the next train into creative thinking.
Everyone will win!
All the cards will be eventually displayed in metro stations (collage) and possibly in other public places such as contemporary arts museums. Their input will become a small piece of history!
The cards will be collected in boxes planted in each metro station for one month after launch.
The metro stations will become fun as they will be not just decorated but decorated by the people that use them! And, Gosh, I bet on diversity!
When will the project start?
As soon as Metrorex, the key partner will say yes to it!


Adela Toplean said...

Tremendously interesting! Very approachable, yet unique project. I see no reason (or excuse) for Metrorex to say "no". Good-good luck!

Viorel said...

good ideea! how can I help?